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QuickBooks is the most known and widely used accounting/bookkeeping software by small businesses. However, this software is designed for accounting and bookkeeping purposes and is not necessarily easy to operate. If you find yourself in the situation where you are hopeless with your software BW Bookkeeping & Taxes can set up, clean up, train you or tailor your QuickBooks files.  We can review your data input and monthly reports, and offer suggested changes in your file or software to enhance your business operations.

  • On Site Training
    • If you and your staff don’t know how to operate on the QuickBooks software, but you would learn, our QuickBooks Specialist can teach any group in your office.

  • QuickBooks Classes
    • If you would like to learn QuickBooks in the convenience of our classroom, BW offers classes for individuals and groups up to 10 people. Classes are performed for any level of QuickBooks knowledge.

  • Custom setup
    • Every company needs custom made software for its individual needs. Quick Books gives you the opportunity to set up the software to fulfill your company’s specific needs. Our QuickBooks Specialist can help you out in installation, set up, data entry and give you individual attention until you feel comfortable with the software.

  • QuickBooks Outsource
    • This option is for someone who does not want to keep the records and books in the office or for someone who has scarce space for files and bills. We can take your paperwork from you.

  • On Site Data Entry
    • If you would like to focus on your business growth but still need someone who will do your QuickBooks entries on “come and go” basis -  BW Bookkeeping & Taxes will designate a QuickBooks Specialist to your case who will do data entry in your office.

  • Partial Outsource
    • You may want to do your everyday activities by yourself but you do not want to do your Payroll. Our Specialists can take care of this part of your accounting.

  • Supervision/Support
    • Even clients that can process routine activities still find themselves in need of assistance with complex accounting transactions and reporting. Our QuickBooks Specialist can also do a review of your QuickBooks files on a periodic basis with a choice of on site help or file upload with changes we make to your file in our office.

  • Troubleshooting
    • For your convenience we can also provide you our help if you have any questions or problems with QuickBooks. We can review your data input and monthly reports and offer suggested changes to enhance your business operations. 

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